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Bonnie and Clyde, Tim and Struppi, Tarzan and Jane - they all belong together. Bringing together what belongs together - that is also our passion. This means: linking brands that pursue similar goals and want to address the same people. So that in the end a win-win situation arises. Networking has always been one of our favourite disciplines and you and your company benefit from our diverse contacts.

How do we connect you? Pardon, bring them together? By presenting the individual brands as equally weighted as possible in live marketing campaigns and brand activation ideas for events and by complementing each other in a meaningful way. Our own platforms such as Triple X Adventures in Swedish Lapland or the SX Lounge at the Nürburgring are suitable for this.

Even what doesn't seem to fit together at first glance has produced a few surprises in the past. Logo that the individual brands are not in competition with each other. By the way, we would be happy if the SX Group and your company would also become a team in the future!

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